Here are a few specific benefits

BIM or Building Information modeling has transformed the way one sees and uses spaces. It has been producing tangible results in the construction, engineering, and architectural industry.

Can't get any more real

The advantage 3D has over 2D is a well-known fact and when that is utilized in construction you can imagine the scope of the end result. With technology skyrocketing and the industry depending more and more on mapping tools, aerial imagery and digital elevation the models are as real as they will appear in the complete project.

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Less wastage

The model is not restricted to a single project but can be used in other corresponding projects with some additions and deletions since it is on a digital platform. Every object in the model is connected to a database which gives you the freedom to implement changes; for examples, you can change the number and size of doors and windows in a project.

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Better control on design

The simplicity of working on BIM is that you can always have access to previously saved projects and their history. This ability to save all the hard work will ensure that you have a better control even if your current drawing disappears or gets corrupted because you can always go back to the saved version and start where you stopped.

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Easy to Collaborate

Digitization has made sharing not only data but models really easy, quick and simple. With Cloud technology becoming more significant in all industries, you can share your projects here with others and review the steps to be taken. This cuts down the time spent on each project significantly.

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Details are never overlooked

A project is not just about the model and its implementation but a lot of other processes also need to be addressed. Normally a lot of time is spent on drafting reports and paying attention to finer details but with the automation tools, you can customize the reports for each individual project without missing any valuable details. This saves a lot of time too.

Perfect for presentation

The ability to explain an idea to the client is one of the biggest strengths of a designer, architect or engineer. Now with BIM, it has become a breeze. The complete model tells it all - the project, what it hopes to achieve, its scope and the final outcome. The model is also ideal for gaining regulatory approvals because it is in a way self-explanatory.

Gone are the days when every project had several documents that are unconnected and needed a herculean task to put all together in a single view but with BIM you can get a global picture anytime anywhere.